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A Beka Book: As the largest Christian textbook publisher in the world, A Beka Book has provided quality education materials since 1974.

Alpha Omega Publications: Since 1977, Alpha Omega has provided a high-quality home school curriculum in a user-friendly format to tens of thousands of families and Christian schools throughout the United States.

Apologia Educational Ministries: An excellent source for homeschool science grades 7-12. Written by a former university professor, it is readable, easy to understand, and has experiments that can be performed at home.

Bob Jones University Press: Supplying educational materials for subjects ranging from Spanish to science, Bob Jones University Press provides flexible, comprehensive textbooks written from a Christian philosophy of education.

Covenant Home Curriculum: The provider of a complete, eclectic, K-12, classical-approach curriculum, built upon the enduring strength of a Reformed Christian worldview.


Homeschool World: Lots of good articles about home education plus access to the latest products, groups, and events.

The Teaching Home: A Bimonthly magazine devoted to a Christian perspective of home education.

Christian Homeschool Forum: A web based discussion board and resource for personal home schooling experiences.


Plants - USDA Plants National Database: This site maintains and generates data reports in specialized areas about plants.

Insects - Iowa State Gallery of Insects: An image gallery maintained by the Iowa State University Entomology department.

Insects - Insect Collecting Techniques: A 4-H Entomology Project that could easily be adapted to anyone's curriculum.

Fossils - University of California Museum of Paleontology: A graphical and text fossil resource site.

Dissection - Virtual Pig Dissection: An online graphical dissection guide.

Dissection - Interactive frog Dissection: An online tutorial designed for use with high school biology curricula.

Cell Biology - Virtual Cell Web Page: A high quality graphics site for investigating the parts of a typical cell.

Marine Biology - Ocean Link: A web site for questions and answers about everything in the ocean.


Rocks and Minerals - Learn to be a Rockhound: Here is the authoritative guide to rock and mineral collecting.

Rocks and Minerals - Mineral and Gemstone Library: Complete information guide for rocks, minerals, and gemstones.

Weather - Dan's Wild Weather Page: An interactive weather page for kids.

Astronomy - NASA Maps of the Solar System: Here you will find a mixture of space-related images and programs which will help you visualize the Solar System and NASA space missions using computer graphics.


Electricity - Tesla Coils: Information on how to make, theory, and safety tips regarding Tesla Coils.

Electronics - A Beginners Guide to Electronics: This concise and easy to understand site is a step by step guide to electronics.

Physics - Amusement Park Physics: An interactive guide for physics based on amusement park rides.


Educational Science is a member of the EBBA, an organization dedicated to the highest standards in commercial butterfly breeding for education and research.



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