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Welcome to Educational Science

Educational Science products include: science kits, nature kits, butterfly rearing and breeding kits and equipment, butterfly gardening products, entomology kits, supplies and equipment, and biotechnology education kits and equipment. Our mission is to make science fun! Teamed with scientist and educators, we are committed to advancing science education in primary and secondary schools by developing unique educational science, life science, Bio-tech and nature kits that are fun and teach kids the basic science principles.

monarch and painted lady rearing kit
              Monarch and Painted Lady rearing kit shown with
             optional pop-up Butterfly and caterpillar terrariums.
butterfly farming
Monarch & Painted Lady Butterfly Rearing Growing & Breeding Kits

live butterfly kitsButterfly Farm™ kits give you a front-row seat to a miracle of nature...the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Watch the complete life cycle of the Monarch or Painted Lady butterfly unfold: egg, larvae, chrysalis, emergence, and the mating and egg-laying rituals. Witness caterpillars hatch from tiny eggs, molt several times, spin silk, pupate and transform into beautiful chrysalises.

Discover amazing butterfly rituals...the Monarch caterpillar wiggling a Hawaiian hula as it slips into its jade-green chrysalis... the breathtaking slow dance of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis... a female Monarch laying her eggs on the bottom of milkweed leaves with the balancing act of a trapeze artist...the hatching of a second-generation Painted Lady egg.

Start your own butterfly garden with a milkweed plant, the butterfly magnet of the plant kingdom. Just set it out- female Monarch butterflies will magically appear to lay their eggs on the leaves.

Give a gift that lifts the spirits - a Monarch chrysalis hatching kit. The hatching kit requires no care and offers young children our shut-ins the unforgettable experience of a Monarch butterfly emerging from it chrysalis.

Rearing, growing and breeding kits include: butterfly certificate redeemable for 3-12 Monarch or Painted Lady caterpillars; milkweed seeds and plants (Monarch); Hollyhock seeds and plants (Painted Lady); artificial diet with rearing cups; rearing cage; larvae brush and/or forceps; butterfly feeding kit; observation/breeding enclosure; and rearing/breeding instructions or manual.


Butterfly & Host Plant Growing Kits
Observe and study the complete life cycle of butterflies on their natural host plants. Available with host plant and Butterfly certificates.

milkweed plants

Kits include:
Butterfly Host Plant, 2-4 caterpillars with artificial diet, clear plastic greenhouse observatory, and complete instructions

Monarch & Milkweed Plant Growing Kit

Painted Lady & Hollyhock Plant Growing Kit

Gulf Fritillary & Passion Vine Plant Growing Kit

Butterfly Feeders

The Butterflystores and Texagenls newsletter sign-up page has been moved to www.educationalscience.com

Butterfly Cages

Student Microscopes Professional Microscopes
Student Microscope Professional Microscope
Advanced Student's
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Research & Clinical
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Butterflies for Release
butterflies release
Unique Gift Ideas!
Butterfly Field Guides, Bird Field Guides, Fish Field Guides

Butterfly Host Plants

milkweed tree

Waterproof Nature Field Guides
to Common and Notable Species
Giant Milkweed Tree

Great Gift Idea!
insect collecting
Best Book
butterfly books
Moth Life Cycle Kits
moth rearing

Insect Collecting Kit
Includes display case!
Hummingbird Hawkmoth and
Silkworm Life Cycle Kits

Quality Low Cost Nets!
butterfly nets

Giant Poster
monarch lifecycle
Insect Rearing Supplies
butterfly rearing

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Educational Science is a member of the EBBA,
an organization dedicated to the highest standards
in commercial butterfly breeding for education
and research.



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